Choquequirao Trekking Programs

We are local tour guides, leading trekking to Choquequirao: (Choqqe = Grey, Gold, and k’iraw, break / relax / cradle), then people agree that this means Gold Cradle,  however; in Cusco where Quechua language has being originated, Gold = QORI, Kiray = an action for TO SLEEP. I guess the meaning is not in quechua, this may be from the PUKINA, A language that now is extinct, and was used in the region by inhabitants before Incas.

The origin of the name, will still be hard to decode, but something that is true, is the fact that the city is amazing, worth to visit. We have created several trekking programs that includes this wonderful archaeological site.

The shortest trekking program for this site are 3 days, while the longest itinerary takes 12 days, for which we have well maintained equipment, expert local guides who are fluent in English, cooks, muleteers and helpers, with nature preservation minded.

the only way to get there is by foot, “trekking”, because there is no road, and helicopter are not allowed, because this is can damage the fauna of the area.

Our team of guides are knowledgeable, and has being there several times, when you take our company to visit this site, you will be on good hands.

If you want to know more about our trekking programs to this site and beyond, we assure you that we can arrange it, we have all the expert tour guides who are familiar with the Cusco trails, and we can customize all our tour to your need, according your physical conditions, age or number of people that comes with you.

We are local trekking tour guides, professional operators.