Customized Choquequirao Tours

Customized choquequirao Tours

Customized choquequirao tours: If you have seen all our programs, and you still would like something unique, Plan Your Own Program!!

If you have started planning your trip to Peru, and you want to be your own tour programmer, in order to have plenty of time here you have many options to choose from. We would be working to provide exactly what you want. We recommend that you set yourself some guidelines: a budget, the length of time you wish to stay, what you want to do and what you want to see.

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the peace, quiet and endless calm of Peru wilderness, then we recommend you give yourself ample time to do so. Our website has plenty of information about the possible places you would rather to see, we are keen to organize your plan and provide you the service for the itinerary. You’ll schedule and program how long you want to stay through the country region-by-region, describing. Alternately, you can ask for some suggested stays.

For more info about Peru you can see the pages of Peruvian government organizations which are full of useful info and photos:

Prom Peru Peruvian national institute of culture National institute of natural resources Ministry of foreign trade and tourism.

Choquequirao Trek Operator, Is based in Cusco – Peru. The Client understands that the Company will use its best efforts to operate all tours as agreed. However, it may prove necessary or advisable to vary or modify an itinerary and its contents due to prevailing local conditions. According your program and type of hotel you want, we can send you a reasonable rate.


Customized Tours

The itinerary is what you and our team will work together, we can even drive the previous night to departure to spend the night at the hot springs of cconoc, ten we can drive to huancalle and start the tour, sicne we are tour guides, we know all the paths, you give us the idea of the perfect tour and on this we can work together.

But we always recommend you to program from april to November, we still can hike during the other. We are here to make your dreams becoming true


  • Private transport.
  • Complete meals during trek.
  • Inflatable mattresses.
  • Park fee.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • cook, cook helpers.
  • Horses to carry equipment.
  • Muleteers.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Return Transport.



  • Sleeping Bags.
  • Souvenirs.



Passenger Details Form


We are 100% local operator, specializes in adventure tours, we provide transport, tour guides, hotel, train tickets to machu picchu, sacred valley tour, and customize all tours. we are private tours experts, Please write us.




Passenger Details Form


If you want to make a reservation, please fill out our Passenger Details Form.
Each reservation requires a deposit from 50% (according to total price) as a down payment per person. The final balance can be paid at our Cusco office in cash during your briefing a day or two before your trip.
Once the deposit will be confirmed we will send you your contract voucher.



gallery photos

Mapa Customized Choquequirao Tours


Choquequirao Machu Picchu
$ 000

Challenge choquequirao machu picchu trekking tour, and adventure program that connects the two main inca cities of peru. leaded by expert tour guides

Classic Choquequirao Hike
$ 350

Classic Choquequirao Hike, 4 days trekking tours, discover the sister city of machu picchu, through scenic landscape and remote villages

Choquequirao salkantay sacred valley
$ 000

Choquequirao salkantay sacred valley, 9days program is a combo program that shows you impressive landscapes, in a unique program

$ 000

Challenge trekking including choquequirao, salkantay, and humantay lake, combining architecture and nature, leaded by expert local guide

Choquequirao Sunset Observation Peru
$ 000

Choquequirao Sunset Observation, 5 days amazing trekking tour to choquequirao, all managed by expert trekking tour guides from cusco region

Choquequirao Express Tour
$ from $ 350

Choquequirao express tour, 2 nights 3 days, the most challenging hike that exists in peru, program customized for extreme hikers who are short in time

Choquequirao Vilcabamba Trekking
$ 000

Fascinating 6 days trekking that brings you to visit Choquequirao and vilcabamba in a lifetime trekking experience

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