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All vilcabamba trekking Peru tours, discover the old historical site, the land of the Inca resistance, walk through inca trails, wonderful inca town, and get away from the regular tourist path.

Vilcabamba Trekking Peru

All Vilcabamba Trekking programs, old and new itineraries, that takes you to visit Choquequirao, Machu Picchu, Vitcos, White rock, and Expiritu pampa, in customized hikes, that will take you to amazing places where the work is enjoying the views while learning from local culture and people.

Vilcabamba Machu Picchu 5 days trek

Amazing trip 5 days and 4 night trip that lead to see 2 of wonderful sites, Vilcabamba, vitcos, white rock, and Machu Picchu; place located at the north of Cusco region to which we drive passing through by different terrains through valleys, high Andes mountains, and the jungle in Cusco region.

Vilcabamba was the last territory under control on the Incas, where manco inca ruled his own territory for several years from 1536, the territory was the incas resistance land until 1570, during this time the mentioned incredible sites where the land where a huge amount of native Peruvians where settle.

The vilcabamba to Machu picchu trek, will take you to see the deep Peruvian land with villages where the locals are very cozy and welcoming, the old inca sites are incredible nice with great architecture stone masonry, and the landscape is engaging, then of course you can see Machu Picchu on the last day, book this 5 days tour as Vilcabamba Machu picchu Trek.

Choquequirao Vilcabamba 7 days trekking

Trekking that that connects Choquequirao inca city with its Brother Machu Picchu city, though the hardest trail crossing 2 canyons, and 2 high summits, enjoying the view of the condors soar, deers, eagles, two villages at the most remotes places between the andes mountains and the basing od the cloud forests.

To reach choquequirao there is needed to cover 22 kilometers of top hike, by a terrain which is very hot and dry by a downhill and uphill trail, covered in 2 days, the site is located on a hill of a mountain covered by a lush forest, at a scenic site from where you can enjoy the view of the canyon the snow covered peaks and the sectors of the amazing inca site.

From Choquequirao there is 2 more canyons to Vilcabamba, a hard uphill trail to reach yanama village, from where an extended path leads to the amazing rock formations at qelqa machay, then walk incredible old inca trail to summit Saqsara, from here the trail is downhill, on the next day you’ll visit “Vitcos” Vilcabamba, the white rock. See more info about Choquequirao Vilcabamba Trek.

Vilcabamba Espiritu Pampa Hike 7 days 6 nights

The vilcabamba Espiritu pampa hike, is one of the most amazing hikes through the Peruvian cloud forest, trip to this historical site will also give you the best of the landscapes where you can be involved in the history of the incas, and admire the archaeological sites.

The 7 days hike to Espiritu pampa in Vilcabamba Territory, follows a path that that is uphill during the second day, then it goes by a gentle paths with yet some uphill sections, the weather is warm humid which is typical to the Peruvian high jungle, the view of flowers, plants, birds and insects are rewarding, in addition nice streams and sound of nature, at a bitten truck of tourist path.

The Vilcabamba Espiritu pampa treks is an adventure tour for adventures seekers, for trekkers that are ready to find themselves, and understand the nature, where once out of the big cities the life teaches you new trails, book this tour as: Vilcabamba choquequirao trek

We organize al these trips in a private service, with expert local guides fluent in English language, working together with our local members, and expert crew from the start to complete success of the trek.

All Vilcabamba trekking Peru tours, discover the old historical site, the land of the Inca resistance, walk through inca trails, wonderful inca town, and get away from the regular tourist path.