Choquequirao Trekking Programs

Choquequirao (Choqqe = Grey, Gold, and k’iraw, break / relax / cradle), then people agree that this means Gold Cradle,  however, but in the Cusco Quechua from which this language has being originated, Gold = QORI, Kiray = an action for TO SLEEP. I guess the meaning is not in quechua, this may be from the PUKINA, A language that now is extinct, and was used in the region by inhabitants before Incas.

The origin of the name, will still be hard to decode, but something that is true, is the fact that Choquequirao is amazing, worth to visit. We have created several programs, all of them by trekking tour because there is no other way to get there, we cannot even use helicopter because this is not allowed.

Our team of guides are knowledgeable, and has being there several times, when you take our company to visit this site, you will be on good hands.

If you want to know more about our choquequirao trekking programs, regarding the place, or want to personalize your tour, we are to help you.