Choquequirao Sunset Observation Trip

5 days – Choquequirao Sunset Observation trip

Choquequirao Sunset Observation Trekking: It is one of the best trekking programs in Peru, a hike that combines nature, culture, history and archaeological, where you can really enjoy the experience of observing on of the best sunsets in the Andes. It is located in the spurs of the Salkantay mountain range, at 3,100 m.a.s.l. At anta province and cusco region, Surrounded by the incredible Andes mountains, above of the Apurimac river,  the hike shows beautiful scenery, waiting us to enjoy its beauty.

But to have this reward, you have to work first, the train is one of the hard trekking paths in peru, deep canyon and steep uphill challenges everyone, where our Choquequirao expert guide will take care of every step of the train, with our team of muleteers and cooks to make from this trip a history to tell.


Day 01: Cusco – Huancalle – Playa Rosalina

At: 06:00 hrs, our transfer personnel will pick you up and you can go towards west, on the drive you will pass by a canyon and villages, after 4 hours’ drive, you will reach huancalle and start the walk at this point, the trail shows incredible views from start to end, the hike takes path by a downhill section with switchbacks, all the way up to the lunch at chiquiska.

At this settlement, where only live two people, you can buy locals fruits, after lunch we can continue by a narrow downhill to playa rosalinas, (this is a place at the river, at 1500 meters above sea level), located at the lowest elevation, the night is warm and and you can recover energy for the next day.

Day 02: Playa Rosalina – Choquequirao

Early wake up and breakfast will be needed, because we are going to walk one of the hardest points of the trail, after about 1.5 hours of walk we will reach santa rosa baja, a place where couple families live and grow avocados, they sell drinks as well, we can take a break then continue  we are going to,  we continue with our hike, we’ll pass by some clear water springs, then climb up all the way to reach maranpata and stop for lunch.

From lunch we are going to continue, after 40 minutes’ walk we will reach sunchupata which is a view point, and see some terraces, then we will continue 1 hour and arrive to the campground, have dinner then spend the night. camp at (3.000 masl, difficulty challenge).

Day 03: Playa Rosalina – Choquequirao

This is going to be a nice day, in the morning we will visit the lower part, see magnificent terraces, explore it and return to the campo for lunch, after lunch we will take relax and get energy for the afternoon, at about 2pm, climb up to the place named piquiwasi, see the priests house, then see the main temple, climb up to the upper sector, then do the 15 minutes downhill to see the llamas designed on the terraces rocks, and take pictures.

From the llamas sector, climb up to the Usnu, a platform for offering, this is the place that has 360 degrees view, then spend the rest of the evening observing the sunset, the sun will get behind the mountains projecting rains that makes is unique, then  we will get down to the camp site and spend the night.

Day 04: Choquequirao –  Coca masana

After breakfast, we will return re-start the return, the 1st part goes by little uphill and flat part, then it gets in to downhill for about 3 hours, then you can have a break at playa rosalina and after some relax time, begin the uphill and after 1.5 hours cocamasana, from here you can enjoy the view of nice mountains above the apurimac river, the sunset is also spectacular, the night in going to be very fresh to spend the night.

Day 05. – Coca masana – Cusco
In the morning, we will breakfast and walk the last uphill section, the train is ornate by some trees and plants, then reach capuliyoc for the last stop, after a break we will walk to the start point and have lunch, after lunch you will catch our private transport to return to cusco. As optional our transport can drive you to the hot springs of cconoc and have relaxing bath, then return to cusco city arriving by 19:00 hrs, where our trip ends.


  • Private transport to huancalle.
  • horses to pack all equipment to camp.
  • Complete meals during trip.
  • Inflatable mattresses.
  • Fee for the park.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • trekking cook, cook helpers.
  • Emergency Horse.
  • tents.
  • Muleteers.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Return Transport.


  • Sleeping Bags.
  • Souvenirs.



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