About us – Choquequirao Trek Operator

About us: Choquequirao Trekking Operator company, is the partner of Inka Challenge Peru, which was solidly established in 2013 in Cusco Peru, by a group of experienced, professional, native Peruvian tour guides. The Manager was born in small villages outside of Cusco City.

We speak Quechua (inka language) as first language, then we learned Spanish in school. Our member tour guides are speaks Quechua as first language, but we are fluent in other languages such as; English, Italian, French and German.

Our dynamic knowledge helps us, to organize tours that give visitors a unique experience in Peru, so we welcome you to the different hiking tours, that we organize for you.

Are you looking for the best Choquequirao operators?

Welcome! we are leading and organizing all trails leading to this famous inca city, and as well trips to other top destinations such as: salkantay trek, choquequirao to machu picchu, vilcabamba hiking, ancascocha trekking, humantay lake tour, short inca trail, etc.

We want you to get all your best trekking experience, that will remain for a long time, so when you return home you can keep Peru in an especial side of your heart, we believe that we have the advantage of being locals with a wide experience in the tourism industry, who will reward an excellent value for money.

We are nature lovers, with preservation of the environment and cultural heritage on mind, our aim is to provide you a high quality, and personalized tours to this great archaeological site named Choquequirao.

Responsible Tourism, Conserving the environment:

The beauty and diversity of Peru is awe-inspiring – we want to keep it that way…On all our tours, we have a clean-up policy that must be respected by all our team – ‘take out what you take in.

We use propane to cook meals on our treks, We ensure local water is kept clean by avoiding using pollutants in streams or springs, We limit deforestation – we do not make open fires and discourage others from doing so. We avoid activities which threaten wildlife or which may be potentially damaging to our natural environment.

All our Tour Guides are Native Cusquenian highly-experienced, knowledgeable; we speak QUECHUA (Inka Language) Spanish and fluent English. experts in leading large groups of tourists in Peru and attended first aid courses, rescue, high altitude sickness problems, flora, fauna, and of course history and archaeology.

Our cooks, and muleteers?

We employ local people as porters, and cooks (Mauro, Aurelio, Daniel, Eugenio, these guys are responsible on to delicious and plenty food, You will see them on the trail nimbly running past you carrying all the equipment you will use – tents, tables and chairs, food, water etc. (On other trekking routes horses are allowed and therefore the porters and cooks do not carry all the equipment.)

The manager & Guides:

Native Quechua; Spanish, English and Italian speaking tour guides, most of them born in small native communities out site city; who have moved to Cusco, in search of better opportunities.

The manager has worked for several travel agencies, as a porter on the Inca trail, as operations manager, and as certified tour guide, he know ‘what works and what doesn’t’.

With more than 15 years of experience, He knows many unknown trails, We are choquequirao trekking operator company. we’ll give a history to tell.

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