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Adventure tours departing from Cusco Peru. the Choquequirao Trek, is a trip that challenges you . This spectacular archaeological site is located above the Apurímac River and is surrounded by towering glacier peaks.
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By Expert tour guides from Peru Choquequirao means “Cradle of Gold” in the Quechua language. This spectacular archaeological site is located above the furious Apurímac River and is surrounded by towering glacier peaks.
Choquequirao Machu Picchu
hike from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu, a fascinating trekking tour by the hardest trail of Peru, two spectacular archaeological sites in one trip.

Choquequirao Trek Operator - Peru private tours

Choquequirao trek operator; is a local tour company from Cusco Peru; are you looking for adventure tours, or perhaps for the alternative inca trail trail to Machu Picchu? We are a group of expert professional Cusco local tour guides, specialist organizing all adventure hikes, and private day trips.

Experts in small groups, private service, and trips for schools, delegations and groups.

We are hiking Knowledgeable and Experienced tour guides, legally established, and certified operator company; centrally located in Cusco – Peru!, Partner of Inka Challenge Peru, if you are in search for an adventure company, tourist transports, expert local guides, we have all the best of the market.

Unique excursions, challenging trips in Cusco, journeys such as the classic: Classic trekking, and a combo trek that leads to Machu Picchu, or explore trails at Vilcabamba and beyond.

Choquequirao trek by expert Cusco local tour guides

Guides with many years of experience in the industry, we are guiding tours through the old paths, and new circuits; where our main rewards are, “our clients happy smile at the end of each trek”, we have being leading trips for almost 20 years.

We are the best option, that you can find for your adventure trips, we do as well day sightseeing’s, including the sacred valley tour, Cusco sightseeing’s, machu picchu, rainbow mountain, ancascocha trek, humantay lake, vilcabamba, lares valley, the inca bridge, and many other destinations in the region.

Take our private adventure services, guided by cusco local guides, expert in Adventure tours, you’ll have the best of our services.

Trust us, we assure you that we will give you a great trekking experience in Peru.

Looking for day tours operator in Cusco?

We also organize and lead day trips in Cusco city, tour based in train, by bus, by boat, family excursions, friends, and or delegations, where we customize the package to your needs, provide us information about what you expect and we can work on it, and send you the best trip proposal.

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More than 20 years in the Tourism industry

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We are prepared to cater large groups or friends and delegations.

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In traditional and adventure tours.

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Mystical Trips, Village Home-stay and new programs.

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100% Locals, established in the Americas Archaeological capital, Certified official Operator.

Customized Trekking Tours in Cusco Peru

All flexible and customized trips, guided by expert locals guides, fluent in Quechua, Spanish, English, and other languages.

Quality private tours, completely organized, and leaded by Expert, multilingual local guides

All our itineraries are customized for the particular needs of every group and members, if you are coming with young kids, or older travelers, our private service will allow that every visitor will enjoy the visited places at their own speed.

The private day trips and trekking are ideal for small groups, and solo travelers, if you are fast or slow, flexible itineraries where we adjust the speed of the tour at every group comfort, then at the end of the day your memories with thank you.

Tours leaded by expert local guides from Cusco, Peru, guides with many years of expertise, whose main language is the Quechua or local language, but fluent in Spanish, English, and other foreign languages, such as Italian, German and French.

Day Trips from Cusco. Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, etc.

Cusco region, is a paradise of natural and archaeological wonders, enjoy visiting:

Cusco city tour. Discover the city and outskirts, visiting The Sun temple, city center, san Pedro market, streets n parks, then sacsayhuaman, qenqo, tambomachay.

Sacred Valley: Visit pisac, ollantayatmbo, the salt mines, moray and chinchero.

Machu Picchu: Day trip departing from cusco or the sacred valley, where you can enjoy the best of the services, that can be customized to spend a night in machu picchu town and then visit twice.

There are also many other places such as the rainbow mountains, the inca bridge, Humantay lake, 7 lakes circuit, and others.

100% Peruvian company.
Eco friendly, and sustainable tourism practices.

100% local, professional tour operator? With permit to organize all excursions in Peru, where all our member guides are licensed professionals, with several years of expertise, willing to show you the best of our country. Bringing you by less crowdie paths, and at less frequented hours.

Eco friendly; Our politics are: do not contaminate the streams, help keeping the trails intact, and even cleaner than when we have found it, we provide constant coaching to our crew to help preservation or nature.

We create opportunity for villagers for village through where we operate, respect to locals, and work with local, pay them the proper amount by their service and support, talk to them about the sustainability.

Our commitment to your well-being

We have strengthened our health and hygiene practices because your safety is always our top priority. With the Safe Travels Safe Travel Seal, you can travel with the confidence of knowing that we have adopted world-class safety protocols.

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Stress reduction seems to be the most obvious benefit of traveling. Even if it is a short trip to a destination not too far away, leaving behind the routine and the frenetic pace of city life allows you to disconnect, leave anxieties behind and enjoy the present.

But be careful: the attitude is important, because there is also the so-called “holiday stress”, a state of tension caused by the preparations for the trip, the insecurities and difficulties that it may bring, the feeling that there will not be enough time to do everything “that needs to be done” at the destination, etc.

Thus, the cure may be worse than the disease. Many studies endorse these data, such as one carried out by researchers in Arizona, USA, according to whose conclusions women who take more vacations are less likely to be tense, tired or depressed and are even more satisfied in their marriages. In other words, they have a better quality of life.

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Cultural immersion programs, enjoy taste meals for lunch while doing days tours

As part of our cultural immersion tours, we have a day tour to the moon temple, and the humming bird terraces, and stop in a small town where we can have the opportunity to taste local lunch prepared by our group of young mothers. Vegetarian option ok, vegan meals ok, gluten free ok; all prepared considering the health care, and clean guidelines awareness.

Every trip we organize is an opportunity to give you a direct and natural contact with our local communities, you will enjoy their hospitality and the experience of the day.  WE CAN ARRANGE ALSO COOKING LESSONS.

Enrich your trip, not only by visiting tourist sites, but also by sharing pleasant moments, your time will stop with us.

Bryan Wilbert Q
Quality tours, managed and assured by the “founder & lead guide”.

We have started our service in 2013, founded by a group of native local guides, from a desire to share our culture and passion for travel. Our experience includes more than 20 years in the travel industry.

We want to show you amazing places, help you to accomplish your goals in a high quality personalized service.

My team and I assure you that, we will be with you at every step of the way; from trip planning, during and after service.


Bryan Wilbert Quispe H.

Founder & Lead Guide.